Masseria Valente takes its name from the family Valente , documented since the second half of the sixteenth century , which counts among its representatives personality pertaining to the legal world : Donato Valente documented in 1604 ( Chapter Archive of Ostuni, Register of Baptized 1604) notary , his nephew Leonardo Antonio was born in 1650 ( ACO Register of Baptized , 1650 ) graduated in utriusque , as well as the son Arcangelo was born in 1687.

The name Valente stated in the official language of the districts of ostuni from the end of the seventeenth century to refer to their possessions of this family that fell within the broad area of ​​Zampignola , a macrocontrada confined to the lands of Tamburroni and Roe in the Cadastre of Ostuni 1608.

The press , the ancient underground olive press , in the district Valente is documented in 1715 in a recording of the revenues enjoyed by the priest Don MatteoPomis , recipient of the chapel of St. Anthony of Vienna Cathedral of Ostuni : a piece of land of t . 5 with 80 olive trees on site said CasamatronaseuZampignola ; attached to said other piece number 100 incirca olive trees and olives and contiguous with said piece, another court of olives at the number 60 and its forward trappeto Dr. Leonardo Antonio Valente ( ACO Bullarium benefit 1715 c . 77) .

In the cadastre of Ostuni 1737 the son of Leonardo Antonio , Archangel, claims to own in the district Valente seuZampignola 1,600 of olives with 5 Tomola land vacuous , two cisterns , sheet metal and other members , an olive oil mill to grind the income of which ascends at 25 ducats (State Archives of Brindisi, ancient Cadastre 1737 , c . 52r ) .

Archangel Valente carries out its activities in Martina Franca, where he moved in 1700 presumably in the 40s for the contract marriage with Dona Maria Blasi . The son Leonardo Antonio was born in 1742 to wealthy Martina Cataso of Taranto in the

1742-1748 is the owner of a farm in the countryside of Crispiano which takes its name from the family of Valens ( CRSEC TA/51 , Churches of the farms Crispiano , Martina Franca, 2008 , p . 191).

The property is sold during the second half of the eighteenth century to the family Giovine . LucantonioGiovine is in fact the owner of the provisional trappeto Valente in the cadastre of 1816 .

(Thanks to Professor EnzaAurisicchio for the collaboration )